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Natural mattresses industry is considered to be one of the widespread industries in the Arab world, and American mattress is one of the leading companies that offer natural mattresses and sleep solutions in the Middle East and North Africa along with the gulf cooperation council since 1996

Mattresses should be always comfortable and enrich deep sound sleep, that's why American mattress offer natural mattresses that grant you a good night's sleep and fulfill all your needs. The start was in Kuwait in 1996, a man was putting all his efforts to find a natural components mattress that mainly supports the spine and vertebrae for a sound, healthy, hassle free yet comfortable sleep. Since then he decided to offer help to people and introduce mattresses that grant a good night's sleep by a great campaign idea titled " try before you buy" that shows mattresses in a show room for people to try in total privacy for a period not less than 15 minutes. This was the first time in the Middle East and North Africa to establish luxurious show rooms that offer such an idea, this idea was implemented with the directions and under the supervision of "MR. Mohammed Seoud El Howaitan"

The story haven't stopped then, it continued to spread widely in 2010 from Saudi Arabia to Egypt, as American Mattress has established 10 showrooms in Egypt, 6 are in Cairo and 2 in Alexandria, 1 in Mansoura and another in Tanta.

We Provide Quality


American Mattress brings together the unique design along with finest quality and perfect materials such as( Natural latex- memory foam- pocket coil)
to give you the utmost experience of comfort.


Pressure points are those formed from the largest weight of the body, , that's why it's very important to support these areas for a good comfortable sleep.


The Mattresses are designed to withstand gravity and carry weights to offer total support for all body parts specially the back and spine.


Great components to reduce pain and support muscles in an effective way
during that's why it's very important to support these areas for a good comfortable sleep


Say goodbye to any irritating factors during sleep as a result of partner's movement.


Dust mites existence is a sad fact!! Not anymore with our mattresses that will grant you non proliferation inside mattress's layers.


Many reasons can cause you allergy such as dust and humidity that are negatively affecting your health. Your mattress can contain some of these factors that cause allergies, so you have to avoid as possible the accumulation of these harmful substances over your mattress using American Mattress natural Mattresses.


Mattresses are perfectly modified for all bed sizes over the past few years.


The mattresses are directly connected with durability for a good sound sleep; you should have a comfortable and durable mattress for a great sleep experience.

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Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

When you first lay on this mattress, you will know you are lying on something unique. Memory foam has a unique feel that initially feels like laying in thick mud or quick sand. Unexpectedly you feel the mattress contour and support your body like it has never been supported before.


Absolute comfort right from nature with 50% off selected mattresses. Enjoy the offers from American Mattress

Your health is one of the most important things you must safeguard in life. You are probably doing quite a few things right, like eating healthy foods, getting plenty of exercise. A 100 % natural latex mattress can also benefit your health and that of your family’s in countless ways.

Everyone knows pocketed coils are a popular mattress type..

Everyone knows pocketed coils are a popular mattress type. However, it can be a bit of a challenge for many people to determine exactly why that is. We made this handy list of top 5 ways in which pocketed coils help you get quality sleep to help you select the best mattress type for your best night’s sleep.


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